Not Afraid

Book 3: Kristy, her brother, Bryan, and their friend Jesse continue to discover the magical world of Clohverville, a village existing right underneath their beds, where those wonderful Villager Dust Bunnies, the Ohmadillapicklearoos, live. When Bryan experiences butterflies in his stomach thinking about going to a brand new school, George Ohmadillapicklearoo – Mr. Oh for short – appears, equipped with his tools of wisdom and experience. He suggests that perhaps there is something blooming in the Widow Button s garden to help – like wonderful, deliciously sweet carrots. When Bryan agrees, off to Clohverville they go! There, they meet Mr. Oh s friend, Looloo Palloo, who shares her own special story about fear. Join Kristy, Bryan and Jesse on their adventure in the Village of Clohverville where, coincidentally, the Ohmadillapicklearoos and a cast of special characters presents the Carrot Patch Party, an event in which they discover it is okay to be different and push past your fears! And it all happens. . . right UNDERneath YOUR BED!

About the author: Janice Stitziel Bloom created the Ohmadillapicklearoos Those Villager Dust Bunnies Under My Bed in 1994 as the result of having to work the intellectual side of her brain much too hard. Thus, the creative side rebelled and ran amuck! Along life s journey, Ms. Bloom has earned three degrees, including one in law. After having served as general counsel for a national nonprofit organization for several years, she resigned to devote more time to work on the Ohmadillapicklearoos. But no matter the project, her greatest rewards and moments have always come from her family life. She is a devoted wife and mother – to some very creative minds – and committed to family values.