Wonderfully Made

Book 1: Appearing in their first story, Kristy, her brother, Bryan, and their friend Jesse discover the magical world of Clohverville, a village existing right underneath their beds where those wonderful Villager Dust Bunnies, the Ohmadillapicklearoos, live. When Bryan wonders why he can t do well at soccer like other children, George Ohmadillapicklearoo – Mr. Oh for short – appears, equipped with his tools of wisdom and experience. He shows Bryan that just because he isn’t very good at sports doesn’t mean that he lacks a special ability or gift to call his own. Join Kristy, Bryan and Jesse as Mr. Oh takes them on an adventure in the Village of Clohverville where, coincidentally, Mr. and Mrs. Oh, their son, Bo, and their friends Looloo Palloo and the Widow Buttons present Special Gifts Day, a day in which Bryan discovers that he is a very unique and special boy, even if he isn’t very good at soccer and other sports. The series is designed to help children, kindergarten through third grade, develop a positive self image and build character by engaging them in imaginative stories.

About the author: Janice Stitziel Bloom created the Ohmadillapicklearoos Those Villager Dust Bunnies Under My Bed in 1994 as the result of having to work the intellectual side of her brain much too hard. Thus, the creative side rebelled and ran amuck! Along life s journey, Ms. Bloom has earned three degrees, including one in law. After having served as general counsel for a national nonprofit organization for several years, she resigned to devote more time to work on the Ohmadillapicklearoos. But no matter the project, her greatest rewards and moments have always come from her family life. She is a devoted wife and mother – to some very creative minds – and committed to family values.