7th & 8th Grades

The 7th and 8th grade programs begin Learning for Life’s career preparedness emphasis, while reinforcing character, relationship building and citizenship.

The Learning for Life 7th and 8th grade programs are the starting point for students’ college and career readiness and provides good foundational knowledge for students interested in participating in a “hands-on” Career Exploring program. Students assess the need for having a job and being employed, recognize obstacles, formulate mature and ethical decision making, and examine how to deal responsibly with their decisions.

Each grade has its own teacher’s guide with 44 age-appropriate lesson plans, ranging in topics from “Peer Pressure: Who Can I Trust,” to “Self Assessment of Skills and Abilities,” to “Problem Solving: The Intricacies of Relating to Others.” Lessons are angaging and incorporate role-playing, small group discussions, reflection, and moral-dilemma exercises.

Lesson plans in both the 7th and 8th grade books reinforce social, academic, and career education skills such as critical and creative thinking, conflict resolution, decision making, interpersonal relationships, practical life skills, self-esteem, language arts, citizenship, and personal fitness.

Each program incorporates the following:

  1. Character Development Lessons:.
  2. Building Relationships Lessons:
  3. Citizenship Lessons:
  4. Career Education Lessons: time management, job traits, and goal setting, investigating careers