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Anti-bullying and Cyber-intimidation Programs

“39% of girls in 8-11th grades experience daily sexual harassment.”
Source: American Association of University Women (AAUW) National Survey, November 2011
“Half the children bullied never tell their parents about it.”

Video Educational Program for Staff, Parents and Students

• Educational Videos 35-40 minutes in length designed for five different target audiences
• Parent video is available in Spanish
• Defines the different types of behavior that constitute bullying
• Describes different types of bullying including:
• Physical
• Verbal
• Social
• Cyber-bullying
• Sexual Harassment
• Provides a clear distinction between traditional and Cyber-bullying
• Introduces school & district staff and parents to the NEW types of bullying including:
• Slam books, Sexting & Exclusion
• Flaming & Cyber-harassment
• Denigration & Impersonation
• Outing or Trickery, Happy Slapping
• Discusses the consequences of bullying & the reasons why kids bully
• Legal ramifications of bullying and sexual harassment
• Prevention Strategies for Educators and Parents
View trailer combining all videos
• Guidelines on safe technology practices
• What to do if your child is accused of bullying
• Getting involved in the education and prevention process
• Insights into the different forms of bullying
• Prevention Strategies
• Reporting of incidents
• Safeguarding of Personal information



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